Wednesday, January 23, 2008

*life or something like it*

the past few days had good and bad moments. i believe that's called life. Or at least something like it.
i had a girls day out on Friday and bought cute things. He took me out for dinner.
He gave me an early b-day gift on Saturday. i love my new toy.
the best part is being able to read anywhere anytime.
my Saturday afternoon students haven't been going to class. So i was bored to death.
We went out with friends on Saturday night. Was fun.
Its good to have a friend again. Even if i'm not so good at keeping friends. My social network skills suck in the real world.

Sunday morning was not nice. i'm starting to fear and hate Sunday mornings.
Sunday was a lazy day after that. A lot of food. And silly pictures.

Feeling fat? i wonder why...
Say hello to Tommy.
AIL. alcohol induced laugh.
Just to make sure the alcohol gets to the brain.

i worked hard on Monday. Worked out, cleaned. And then went to work. At night He came and made a mess going through the mess room, so i let go. i have to go through my fabrics anyway.
Yesterday... dunno. Started going through my sewing supplies, then work and some shopping. i have new tap shoes now. 8 cm heels and taps on patent leather. What's not to love? My jazz teacher is trying to kill us, and my body aches. MacDonalds and funny faces for dinner. Losing a piercing, having Him put the captive ring in. Midnight sex.
That has been it. i got up real late today. i really want to work out more and put things into place but the past week has been only gray and chilly, and i need sunshine and heat. Really. And i'm afraid my left nipple is rejecting the ring again. The pain is unbearable.
Gotta do my homework and go to class. Then work. i want to cook tonight. i really do. But He hasn't been much in the mood for home cooking. Damn, excuses.
26 is almost here. Scary.
Mood: numbed
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