Thursday, April 11, 2013

hey lady luck, over here!

yo, bitch, I've been working my ass off. How about you give me some TLC? Lord know's I need it.

Because having my phone taken wasn't enough. Not getting any paid gigs for the past three weeks and investing what money I had left in my work either. No, now I have to find out that I owe some unexpected cash when I'm almost running out of food. Cash? What's that?

I didn't even make rent this month. Oh fuck. Gonna just keep on swimming for now. And hoping they find another time slot for that reality show that doesn't have to compete with zombies.

Can't a girl get a break?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm done waiting

... and too confused to bugged with things like these... or am I?

When all you have to your name is 1 buck and almost all your bills are late and unpaid, what to do? Something. Anything.

And stop waiting. Time to start Hwaitting (fighting) instead!

No, I have not been a lazy ass. I've been working my ass off, but it's all from a long term perspective towards my burlesque group. Money's being invested, and I barely have enough to eat. Well, I do need to lose weight.

It seems like the reality show I shot late last year may not air at all. Yesterday was the date I set to see my life change. It didn't and now the show has no date. I wasn't looking for a job or even more freelance work because of this. And I'm weak. Really weak. I can't be weak now. Quite the opposite. It's time to be strong.

Gotta get things in order. Do I teach English again? Last training I went thru had me crushed. Should I look for a job in my area and write with no soul about things I don't care about? The journalistic coverage of the Erotic fair was just painful to watch. Do I just strip on webcam? Where do I sign up to sell my soul for some chocolate right now? I need to be sweet so badly.

My life is feeling a bit too much like a Korean drama right now. Not cool bro.

Gonna make something to eat with the little I have left and look up things online. At least I still have coffee powder and gas. And I really really need a shower. I'm not gonna even start on how lonely I am. It's survival mode now, no time to think about guys, girls or even sex.

My life is not a 1/100th as glamorous as people must picture it to be. Oh well...