Tuesday, May 6, 2008

*Truth or Dare?*

Sometimes it feels as if you have settled down - and it makes you feel guilty.
Sometimes it feels like you're not trying at all and all you worked for is going to waste.
Life has been great the past few days. The four-day "weekend" was really good. Our 2-year anniversary was nice.
We've been having my favorite weather - chilly, with beautiful sunshine and a perfectly blue sky. I love sunny autumn days.
And i no longer have to feel stuffy and lame now that i have learned what enemas can do.

But there is a hell lot more i can do. And a hell lot more fun to be had.
My muscles hurt from working out. I should be proud of myself but i'm not.
Honestly, i hate myself today. I feel fat, impaired and useless.
And living off PBJ's isn't helping.
i really could use a strong cup of coffee right now, but my kitchen is so messy i'm afraid of going near it.
In all honesty, the moment the Mister takes flight tomorrow morning, i will have a few really busy days ahead. In a good productive way.
All i needed was a challenge.
Maybe i need a change in soundtrack. My conditionals have been taunting me excessively.

i'll have a real update soon, i promise. Meanwhile, some photos:

(two weekends ago)
funny faces
attacking my döppleganger
drunken smile. Happy times. Unfortunatelly, that night ended badly.
Back from Luxúria, last Saturday.
Oh Hi!
I went Houdini right after this photo.
Yum! Instant Jews Ears Fungus! I wonder what other decaying body parts Chinese eat.That IS a giant real life anchor behind me. At the hardware store!
Good times. Clear skies.
Its May (already?!!!). Its time to get back into shape and organize myself. Maybe clean out my closet and sell some of the stuff i don't use... Sewing will have to wait till i have my real body back.
I can hardly wait for June. By then i will get my MRI and know how i really am doing and when i can go back to dance classes... And finally getting an MRI means i will then be able to get new ink and piercings.
And hey, keep your eyes peeled! By next month Sao Paulo MIGHT have its own SG party!
Consider yourselves all invited!

Two questions:
1 - i was thinking of making card sized prints to sell... like baseball or playing cards. What do you guys think?
2 - What would you like to see on a next video?

Last but not least, have you seen my SGTV Video Audition?


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Skyline said...

Utterly charming and frankly you have an adorable accent.