Friday, August 15, 2008

*Can i be a little bit gross and overshare?*

Guess i can. And i guess because its almost the weekend, i should update. Specially now that i can see all the ppl reading this! (Waves) Yeah, you out there, i can see you... Well, not really, but i know where i'm being read from, so its nice anyways.
Sadly, no new photos. These week has been most atipical. I mean, doing nothing but the bare essencial (and not even that, just the scheduled)? ITs not me.
But it happened. During the past 8 days i (in no specfic order):
- Went to a fetish dinner dressed as a belly dancer. As it was cold and raining, i got sick. Which i still am. Can you say phlegm?
- At that very dinner had somewhat of a discussion with Him. Things were cleared. Its always easier to clear the air after a couple doggie bowls of wine.
- Watched the Wizard of Oz. At the theatre. In portuguese. It was nice, and obviously, stiffned my resolve in dancing and singing lessons. i want to be able to do beautiful things like that some day.
- Started musical theory classes. Which reminds me i have homework to finish.
- Ate very poorly. Really. Mostly junk. i'm even feeling sicker cuz of it.
- Am not going to singing class today. Because i have no voice, thats why. But i am gonna go get the nasty secretion in my right nipple studied. I told you guys i removed the left one? Yeah, cuz it was gross and painful like that.
- Have hardly gone to the bathroom. My tummy hurts.
- Went to the doctor. Twice. i missed ballet on Tuesday so that my gyno could check if my vagina was doing ok. And then to the otolaryngologist, yesterday.
- Had an official weigh-in at the doctors too. I've gained 5 kgs since March. Fuckdamn.
- Started playing Imagine Fashion Designer on DS.
- Spent too much money on medicine. i hate antibiotics, but they love me. Apparently. And now i'm poor for the rest of the month.
- Got my hair cut (not much) and nails done. The Mister asked me to grow out the bangs, so i had them altered a bit to do so. And dance classes do nasty things to toenails. Now my hair is a messier style because it had been rebelling anyways, and my nails are bic blue. Love it.
- Taught lots of classes with almost no voice.
- Danced. And felt awkward in class, because its proving to be hard to keep up after all those months.
- Did not do the dishes. Yeah, the kitchen is gross like that right now.
- Watched Three Little Words. And discovered that although He complains i always sleep through movies, He is the one who sleeps when it comes to musical films.
- Have been feeling very dyslexic.
- Felt ugly more often than usual. Well, not exactly ugly. Just not attractive. Or interesting. At all. And old. i hate feeling old.
- Worked out a couple times.
- Showered quickly because of a busted pipe leaking water into the other bathroom. That was fixed yesterday, but now we got a hole in the wall.
- Started microblogging, which would expain the slight change in style. Yeah, i jumped on the Twitter wagon too.
- Saw a dead sparrow.
- Nearly fell on my face while walking down the street.
- Downloaded lots of funny/strange/bizarre workout videos.
- Drooled over naked ladies.
- Checked some girls out on the street. Yeah, i'm a creep.
- Had sex. Once. But it was good.
- Fell asleep watching the Olympic games. Thrice.
- Started proof reading the things i write. Still doesn't help.
- Slept with all my clothes on. Twice.
- Spent way too much time on SuicideGirls.
Yeah, so right now i am half dressed, sitting next to a half eaten tub of potato chips looking like a mess and looking into the weekend. What to do? Where to go?
I kind of feel i don't deserve doing anything nice because i'm such a lousy housekeeper. But i would like to do nice things, like going to a jazz bar, having passionate sex, taking a decent dump, going to Mercado Mundo Mix, and visiting my brother. Oh, and buying a reconstructer for my hair which i can't afford, but my hair just looks and feels so terrible... i pretty much can't afford anything right now, which sucks.
But i know He likes it when i beg for things, which i don't really mind doing. i can has sugar plz?
Sometimes i wish i could pause the world while i get through the nasty chores, give myself an enema and then continue from the same point. These things are just so time consuming... I'd rather watch Gilda and Annie.
Why so confusing? Two words honey: mental fog. Maybe its the lack of air from the sinus.
Or maybe it's just me. I need some cuteness in my life. And more ink. Always.

Let me pump up the volume, put on the kettle and take a decent shower. The world can wait while i spoil myself a little more.



Some older photos from earlier this month then... unedited too.

Because if i say my feet hurt, i mean it.

Not so crazy about the color.

Me and my coordinator/boss at a wedding party.

me and the boss's girl. She's pretty cool. And pretty. (i met another awesome lady that night, so it was a good evening)

Bad lighting, but the finally finished ink. Hum... maybe i'll add something else to it.

i feel... assymetric. And yeah, without piercings i totally have inverted nips.

The remaining inflamed baby. Depending on the prognostics of the todays byopsia, i'll repierce both nipples, maybe closer to the base. Suggestions?

Just because...

Mood: strange
Now playing: 7 things - Miley Cyrus (Yeah, Hannah Montana!)


Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog. You're such an intresting and extraordinary person.
greetings from germany =)

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