Thursday, February 26, 2009

*pangalactic gargleblaster*

1 am. It's a school night, I haven't done my "homework" and the place is a mess. Yet my heart is light from watching the Detroit Metal City movie and the good things in life. Like grape soda.
So whilst a book named "Communication and cultural domination" stares at me with a weary eye, and the meds make their way into my blood stream, I find it necessary to pour out a few random facts:

- There will be a new blog soon. In Portuguese. For college. God help me.
- My writing skills are shit. I mean, real writing. Long sentences. Formal grammar. Again, Portuguese.
- I'm still jobless.
- I haven't listened to music in weeks (other than rehearsal and dance classes). Its all news, news, news. Blah! What's new these days?
- I want more gigs. The feedback from the last impromptu event has been so amazing, it's been heart warming.
- And I really want to shoot a new set for SG.

Excuse me, the World beckons from my RSS stream. Meanwhile, please do entertain yourselves with the photos taken last Saturday night:

Photos by Raul Souza

Life is quite overwhelming at times, don't you agree?

P.s.: Yes, I got older. Life is cruel like that. And kind. So thanks for all the sweet wishes. They were sincerely appreciated.


Tom said...

Sweetie: As a person who went through journalism school some years ago, a couple of things.
First, all books on communication theory are incomprehensible. No one can understand the jargon.
I called a communications professor as an expert witness last year and worked with him until his grandmother could understand what he was saying. That worked.
Second, the only way to learn how to write is to do it. And, if you want to go into journalism, do it under a deadline. You should have classes in news writing and such. Not only write in the labs, do more at home.
Write a journal for yourself, using good grammar. Try to write it as quickly as you can, then walk away from it for a day or so. Then read it. See if it is understandable and if it got your thoughts through.
Good luck.

Kate G. said...

The photography on your blog is beautiful, and I find your writing taste to be phenomenal. I think you being hyper critical of yourself has helped you out, but don't forget to find the beauty in your work.