Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm done waiting

... and too confused to bugged with things like these... or am I?

When all you have to your name is 1 buck and almost all your bills are late and unpaid, what to do? Something. Anything.

And stop waiting. Time to start Hwaitting (fighting) instead!

No, I have not been a lazy ass. I've been working my ass off, but it's all from a long term perspective towards my burlesque group. Money's being invested, and I barely have enough to eat. Well, I do need to lose weight.

It seems like the reality show I shot late last year may not air at all. Yesterday was the date I set to see my life change. It didn't and now the show has no date. I wasn't looking for a job or even more freelance work because of this. And I'm weak. Really weak. I can't be weak now. Quite the opposite. It's time to be strong.

Gotta get things in order. Do I teach English again? Last training I went thru had me crushed. Should I look for a job in my area and write with no soul about things I don't care about? The journalistic coverage of the Erotic fair was just painful to watch. Do I just strip on webcam? Where do I sign up to sell my soul for some chocolate right now? I need to be sweet so badly.

My life is feeling a bit too much like a Korean drama right now. Not cool bro.

Gonna make something to eat with the little I have left and look up things online. At least I still have coffee powder and gas. And I really really need a shower. I'm not gonna even start on how lonely I am. It's survival mode now, no time to think about guys, girls or even sex.

My life is not a 1/100th as glamorous as people must picture it to be. Oh well...

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