Saturday, September 5, 2015


Woke up too early today, did my makeup, went to a casting call for Beauty Fair. A casting call. What bummed me (although I was deep down hoping to have the weekend to myself to clean and sew) was not not being picked, I respect the stylists needs for tall and thin 15 year old models, or the 5 hour wait till I was told I could go home, but the fact I could be with my Bear this weekend being loved and pampered instead of feeling lonely and bored on my #restday.

Took me a lot of thinking to reach that conclusion but it's about right. I organized my calendar so that I would be here for this event because my regular stylist asked me to. That made it tight around the Jewish holidays to travel so I have almost 4 weeks of waiting till I can hold my Bear.

It's not about the money. It's about the fact my hair looks stupid because I was growing out my undercut for this and my roots are huge and I got a rough deal.

Oh well, lesson learned. Also, I must wash my hair tomorrow. It looks great, feels gross.
This is about #lifegoals:

#hairgoals: refresh my undercut, do my roots, add some rainbow into the white.
#buttgoals: take the 30 day squat challenge. Keep track of my gains.
#fitnessgoals: improve the time it takes to do my workout. Get down to 45 minutes or less.
#bodygoals: look better naked than I look wearing clothes
#burlesquegoals: study, study, study
#shoppinggoals: reward myself with clothes and shoes, not food

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