Thursday, June 28, 2007

*Up and down and roundabout and out the back*

i'm freaking exhausted. Monday was... mondays are always a bitch. And i had a hangover. Don't even get me started on the sunday night episode at Master's cousins wedding. Blah! And to think it made me feel bad about myself all monday.
tuesday. Yesterday? Wow, seems like weeks ago. Spent the day out buying fabric and sewing supplies, bought new piercings, taught class, had dance class. Yes, chaos. And i enrolled in the lingerie course, so i start sewing next week.
and that phone call. So now i have a double show at Pacha -, an electronic music club, on friday. Great... great pay. Huge club. And i get to climb out of a giant wooden cake. And do a fan dance. But... this things freak me out.
so today after doing the grocery shopping for the week at the street market and giving myself a gift of something i needed (in this case, a make-up case), i spent two hours in a train, two subways and a bus to get to the club. Yeah, from one suburb to another.
the meeting, and the commute, plus my evening class took my day away. My feet are killing me, i am exhausted and i dont feel sleepy. Darn that adrenaline...
if i don't sleep i will look like this again on friday:


and tomorrow will be hardcore again. i NEED to dye my hair, but i guess that will have to wait till sunday. Oh, the drama...
Next week i dance at the launch of a new Audi model in Sao Paulo. Yep, le freak c'est chic.
because this song has been on my mind all day (and this band + marilyn manson have taken over my mp3 player):
"I've been feeling dull as a coat hanger
Pretty as a picture of a patient on a fresh iv
Giddy as a gangbanger with a set of sutures where his magic johnson ought to be

Yes i'll tell you just the thing you need to be the next big thing
Let's start in with a test of your intelligence
And zest for the counter-productive
Up and down and roundabout and out the back
And keep your mouth shut tight
The lights are staying out but no sweat
I've got aim like a mack truck
Guess how many fingers ok guess how many more i can fit there
Guess right get the toaster but you know, miss, guessing gets you nowhere

I've been baking cakes for the enemy
I've been dying to find out the hard way
Ive been taking friends to the alleyway
Two down now but who's counting anyway?"

(Mandy goes to med school - The Dresden Dolls)

mood: expectant exhaustion but actually delighted by having so much to do.
mantra: i will make it through the next two weeks.
living off chocolate and trying not to get myself dehydrated.
and its obscene how much i crave a McChicken with a McSalad right now.

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