Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm that girl...

... whose feet are always dirty
... who always misplaces her keys
... who usually regrets saying no
... who hangs out in busy places to watch people
... who is sparse with meaningless kisses but generous when hugs are needed
... that usually has candy in her purse
... who never has any money (but always longs for beautiful things)
... who likes to finish peoples sentences
... that has a hysterical evil laugh just because
... that says "I love you" way too much
... whose ideas revolve at such a speed she get's dizzy
... who is quite neurotic about bad breath
... who still likes corny ballads and pop rock from the 1990s
... who thinks she's way tougher than she really is
... who sometimes feels like a crossover of Woody Allen and Psy Duck. On crack.
... who uses way too many commas and parenthesis
... who is like Earth, according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "Mostly harmless"


I have loads to say. I just really rather curl up with a book and get some sleep. It's been a really long and intense first day of work at Maxim, following an odd as fuck class and including an exhaustive commute. With no lunch and an unhealthy dinner.
So good night.
And btw, my latest SG set goes live on Thursday, Feb 25th. Go check it out. It was fun to shoot, that's for sure.

A couple outtakes. Photography by Andrea Lavezzaro

Too much of a good thing is, indeed, wonderful.


Good Night then. And stop hitting your sibling already.


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