Thursday, December 6, 2007

*Santa Baby*

Dear Santa,

I truly believe i have been a good girl this year. I did my chores, and cooked yummy meals. i got plenty of excercise and tried to be nice to people, even the annoying ones. I guess i deserve a treat or two, don't i? Something nice or sweet and cute. After all, i got so very sad when i saw that you forgot about me last year. It was a very sad Christmas. Please don't forget about me again.

I'm sure you are very busy this time of the year, so ifyou prefer, i'd be pretty happy with a lovely tattoo. Or something to help me get my projects going, you know... educational things, like how-to books and dvd's. Pin-up things are nice too.

You don't think me stripping is naughty, do you? My Mister likes it, i think. He likes to show me off, and i like to make Him happy (ok, i like to show off too). I wish i knew more tricks, so i could be better at it.

Obviously, there are things i would like to get, and some i need, that i don't think i deserve, yet. Like a super duper sewing machine, or one of those music players that also let you read books and watch videos. Maybe next year...

And Santa, baby, i love surprises. You know, those are the best. So it would be swell to wake up to a cute and fluffy hippo... Hippo's are the best for Xmas.

Thank you dear Santa for being good to me all these years. Plesase, don't forget me again.




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