Thursday, July 10, 2008

*6 things:*


6. i had an awful, hurtful dream. i dream't i had been not only removed from SG without any explanation, all records of my online existance had been erased as well. How does one become persona non grata on the intarwebz? i woke up in tears. And ran up to check if i still existed, virtually. It took me a hell lot of work to get my ass on that site, and it would hurt terribly to just be kicked out. :(

5. yesterday was a holiday in Sao Paulo. So i achieved a new level in dozing off... like, 14 hours. While i am still far from beating my own record (22 hrs), one must admit its somewhat an achievement. Specially when one wakes up horny and makes a point of attacking her Better Half. Spell perfect day with me: lots of sleep + morning sex + pastel at the farmers market + driving for a couple hours in His company + oozing at food porn + being a smarty pants and making lots of funny remarks + baked potato with lots of cheese + a large milkshake + almost achieving to set up my overlock (finally!) + cuddling all night. Perfect, except for the fact im fairly milk protein intolerant. A small price to pay. :P

4. i re-pierced my lip on Monday night. i really missed having my snakebite and i'm happy its back. Still on the body-mod topic, i should finish my shoulder tat next Monday, and i have another tattoo appointment on Tuesday. Go me! Now only to convince the Man to let me schedule the Christina, my life would be complete. That and a pair of roller blades.

3. Vacation... can you smell it? i can. I mean, if all works out, as of Monday i get three weeks off. i'm planning on paying a visit to one of the lovely ladies of this site, and obviously, taking a ridiculously long bus ride just to eat my mothers polenta and homemade bread.

yes, its a random photo!

2. Remember the 100 days countdown? Well, today is day 100. Shall we dance?

1. i really really want to shoot a multi. And i will not lie about my not very noble intentions: i'm just dying to touch the soft skin of another female again, to feel a ladies lips... If that lady just happens to be tattoed and pierced, and if there just happens to be a camera around to register the moment, well, jackpot. :D


hmmm... tonkatsu ramen.


meh. Ok, enough procrastinating. Now i hit the gym. And then... stuff!


oh God, am i eloquent today or what?


"I see you're a man with ideals. I better be going while you've still got them."

Mae West


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