Wednesday, July 2, 2008

*a mini rant*

After the a hectic month in June, my bad eating habits plus the little sleep and all the anxiety caught up with me. Maybe.
Thing is i miss my happy chirpy energetic self.
Plus i've been having my period for 12 days now. i still have cramps, and my hormones have gone berserk on me. All i can think of is the awesomeness of the past weekend. And feel anxious about my newly shot set. Can't wait to see it.
We're already starting to plan the next SG Party. Its gonna be big!
i go on vacation on the 14th. Besides finishing the latest one, i want to start on a big tattoo project this month.
Hum... only a few more weeks until i can have my mother's food. Yum! i could really use a plate of her polenta with chicken in tomato sauce right now. There is also the Dance Festival to attend in Joinville, and lots of dance gear to be bought. i'll be back to the dance school by August!
Guess that's it. I've been dragging myself throughout the week this far, mostly in bed, with the laptop on my lap. Everything around me is filthy and a mess... But i just can't move. So the only thing i have to show for the past days are a shitload of videos. Enjoy!

SG Party

The DJ

Our girls know how to party!

Naty knows her samba!

Now meet all the lovely ladies:

I posted some videos from Casarao Brasil in my video section on SG, but i'll save those for later.
And a "few" photos:

Oi Passarela
My hair. A bit bored of the color already, but i have to give it a break.
Post Casarao Brasil. Tired.
A never-ending obsession.

This photo...For some reason i really like this one too.
The terrible two.
Post shoot. Only to play around a bit. That collar is the last thing i actually made. And the bracelet.
Oh, my stocking is rolling. (that is the awesome skirt i wrote about previously.)


Mood: sore and uninspired
Now playing: Put on your Sunday clothes - Micheal Crawford and Company (Yeah, we watched Wall.E on Sunday, and although there are a couple things that happened too easily- just because its a kid movie , i really liked it. Specially this song.)

"Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about
That Sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!"

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V*Kstro said...

HOT!! great videos, pics and blog! would love to know the song on the first video.