Sunday, July 13, 2008

*sunday morning*

- i woke up alone.
- i promised myself i would go walk at the park. But its almost midday and i haven't gotten out of bed.
- i slept with my jeans on. Hate it.
- my hair needs washing. And more dye.
- i haven't plucked my eyebrows in over a week because i'm growing them out for a re-design. i can't even look at a mirror anymore, i feel fugly.
- i was drooling over the schedule of THE DANCE FESTIVAL. Maybe i will get poorer but i wanna see at least the Dom Quixote Ballet, the ballet final night and the tap dance night. Honestly, that festival is the only nice thing from the godforsaken town my parents live in. Well, that and a few of my teen years friends. Ok, and my mothers food and my father's odd sense of humor.
- i want a coffee shake so bad i could cry.
- being a lazy person sucks.

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