Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's been 1 month today:
But who's counting?

i'll post a real blog (with a higher text to photo ration, that is) as soon as my stomach gets over this dairy hangover. And i'm less bitchy from PMS. The past weekend was so fun, it felt like my birthday!!
Therefore i offer a quick sum-up for your viewing pleasure:

More images here!

And obviously i spoke to the lovely ladies in my squeaky high pitch drunken voice!

Meet Naypi

Meet Carolina

Pity that Naty, Vivi, Monik and Sinara couldn't make it to the club for different reasons. And i would love to see Angelica and Mah some time soon, as well! Tea party, anyone?

Well, at least i saw Naty the next day at the tat convention!

I'll have a coffee milkshake and a stack of pancakes or your life, please!