Friday, October 17, 2008

*some candy talking*

Tomorrow night is the SG meet-up and Sunday i'll do my best to go to the tattoo convention in the afternoon.
Just thought i would remind you guys.
As for life, it goes on. Apparently all i do is eat, watch anime and tv shows (i caught up with Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty and now have nothing to see for the week) and... dancing. i guess that's pretty much it.
Last weekend was fun. My bff was in town, and after performing for an audience full of clowns (swear to god its true!) at a birthday party, we went to a trashy goth venue. Was fun, as was spending Sunday in a Gololi outfit and eating chinese food.
Beware of the absence of photoshop!

Squeeze!only girls. And only if i ask Him first.

Sure, i shit rainbows.
These week feels as if it has 3 Sundays. Didn't work on Wednesday, and today is my day off, and He spent it working remotely, which means... ahn, sex!
Don't know what else to say. Mouth burns because i thought jalapeno poppers were a good idea for a meal. They are yum, but perhaps better fit for appetizers. Sugoi!
Things to look forward to?
- Tomorrow night (no, i don't know what to wear)
- Cleaning up (have no idea when that will happen)
- Sunday
- Watching "Spirit of Broadway" with tapdance class later this month
- Jazz class evaluation (ok, actually i fear that one)
And hoping for my set to be bought and go live.
Mood: PMS'ing and bitchy and full of capsaicin
Now playing: jesus and Mary chain (His pick, not mine)

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