Thursday, January 8, 2009


Enough with the pityfest. My head is exploding with millions of possibilities. Obviously, things always (ok, almost always) happen for the best. And great things are likely in store for me.
Moving on, a post on the topic of the Pinup page MTV Brasil put up, with myself and the other two burlesque performers in Sao Paulo, is long overdue. Yep, that's right. That's how many of us there are at the moment. Most people in Brazil never heard about Pinups or Burlesque, it's just not part of our culture.
Americans got Pinups. The French have their show girls. The Dutch - hey, they have a red light district. And the Germans, nudity seems natural to them.
Brazilians? We've got Hipocracy. Yep. People will go on tv half naked, wearing feathers and a thong and it's fine, because its Carnaval.
Let me get it straight. This is ok:
This is broadcast live on national TV, during 4 days, and kids watch it, with their parents. I know. I used to be fascinated by the energy of Brazilian Carnaval when I was a child. I still am - a bit. It's an amazing effort in costuming, scenary and choreography, even if the music sucks big brown salty balls. It's mesmerizing.

(This is just disgusting, though:

Yes, those are sexually explicit lyrics. And there are thousands of similar videos online.)

Now, this is not OK:
Most of the comments to the MTV website have been that this is a vulgar form of expression, and that the only valid form of burlesque is the one that Lekka does, because she is a burlesque go-go dancer, actually. What?! SRSLY?! How so?
Oh well, i'm guessing it's one of those cultural barriers one encounters now and then. Screw that. I, for one, am up for fighting windmills. It's just in my nature. Who's with me?
Meanwhile, enjoy the website: Brazilian Pinups

There are profiles, videos, interviews and photos of the three of us, living proof of the diversity burlesque offers. Too bad most of the viewers missed that point.

Now excuse me... Its a beautiful day, and i have a kitchen to wash. And projects to sketch up. Enough spending my time in bed, laptop on my chest. Plus, Santa finally brought my Xmas gift. And i REALLY want to use it some. Did i mention it's a beautiful day?

Have a great one!




Carol said...

Stimmt! Fully agreed!

I'm a silent visitor (came here 'cause of another blog) but this post made me say sth.

A sucessful new year for you!
And I pretty much admire your work! Keep spreading sweetness!

Libe Gruesse!

PS: Not sure if you'd like it but you should watch "Todas as mulheres do mundo" de Domingos Oliveira (in You Tube you have the whole film) ;)

junky said...

That tears it, really burlesque is looked down on?
Move up North.
That is really just plain silly.

Carol said...

sobre o filme: acima da metalinguagem tá o retrato do caldeirão cultural ali na rodoviária de Brasília. Enfim.

sobre o blog: stuff-like-that-there

Liebe Gruesse. (no outro saiu errado)