Tuesday, November 6, 2007

*And once in awhile I see myself...*

"... And it makes me want to cry
Suddenly I realize
These good times are a lie

Well I'm going for the gusto

No not because I'm supposed to

It's a well-known fact
No I'll never look back
Gonna have another beer

Yeah I'm going for the gusto

No not because I'm supposed to"

Gusto - Guttermouth
Its amazing just how lazy i've been these days. It must be a sin if it feels this good. Going to sleep before midnight, waking up after midday. Gets me wondering if i am really just lazy...
Oh the beauties of "adult" life. Which means skipping the gym and playing Pump it Up instead (but hey, it IS a good workout), and considering chocolate flavored cornflakes a wholesome lunch.
You know i'm not always like this. Only about 50% of the time. Plus, this is the type of life He loves. But i am afraid my health is too fragile for it. Dunno. It sure is good, though.
i mean, if it weren't for the side-effects on ones figure. i've been dreading that a bit. But i have jazz class tonight, so i guess its not all that bad.
These weather changes suck. It was really, really hot during all of last week, then on sunday it got chilly all of a sudden as has been so ever since. At least its only for a couple more days.
The past days were sure something... Laziness concerned.
Saturday? Work, work, work, baloney sandwiches for lunch. Saturday night? Car down, which meant Japanese cartoons and cherry vodka martini's. How do you like my new collar?
Sunday... A bit rainy, a bit hot, a bit cold. Burger's for lunch, lots of food sites, chatting with mom, decisions. Yeah, i'm going south (a.k.a. that wicked little ol'hometown) for xmas. Good for me. Bad for my waistline. And out of boredom, getting addicted to good old Pump it Up. And jumping like someone with ants in their pants (if i wore pants, that is) for a couple hours.

The only thing keeping me from sleeping all morning yesterday was the dentist appointment i had. Dentist. Then home. And way too many carbs. i've gone back to emotional eating. Whoa. Well, for now, whatever.
At least i called my brother. i haven't seen him since Easter, and we live in the same town. So i guess we'll hook up this weekend.
And just when i was getting all sorry for myself wondering if my short burlesque career was over, i get two emails. If things work out ok, i perform this friday, and then travel on Dec 1st. Yeah, i'm crossing my fingers.
Because of slacking off these past days, i am really behind on mundane things like laundry and dishes. Boring, eh? Well, guess i will have to leave the shopping i wanted to do and photos i wanted to take for next week. But you know what they say: Everybody loves a procrastinator. Or was it a lover? hmmm...

(another 24 hours down the drain).
At least i work a little this afternoon. And i have dance class. Weeeeeeeeeee for dance classes. Guess i better get up and take that shower then.
Oh yes, zombie photos:

me and the Mister
Elvis is Dead! He told me so. And he also told me he died a couple years ago in the tsunami!
i see dead people. So what?
Kids, please, stay in school and away from drugs.

Quico from hell.
Junk food will kill you darling.

Would you like a milkshake with those brains?

Yum... I'm a communist!

Hey J.C.!
(i have a few more up the other sleeve, but these are enough for now)
Current crush:
- carbs. Anything with carbs, and cheese.
- food blogs. Still. Specially Hungry Girl and Serious Eats.
- chicken flavored baloney. Packed with sodium and chemicals, but who cares.
- Chocolate. Way too much.

Cannot forget to:
- reschedule my ass tattoo.
- wash my hair.
- avoid chewing gum. Blah!
mood: lazy. Very lazy.
now playing: Guttermouth

so lets all sing together:



Thata {MVS} said...

I loved you new collar! is so cute!!!

and i miss you so much...

Hey, the zombies are so crazy and cools! ]It´s lamentable , but I gone. It´s make me sad. =/

( and my english isnt´good ... but I try written and speak ^^)

Love you =*

Humberto said...

Yeah... I appeared 2 times in sweetie’s blog... I'm gonna be even more popular now ;-)

Kiss Kiss Babe