Sunday, November 18, 2007

*shut up and smile*

It was a strange week. In a way, it feels as if it never happened. And it even had the perfect dramatic "finale"...
No, nothing life-changing. I just fainted in my seat after lunch in the restaurant. And had to be carried across the street to a hospital. How convenient that there was a hospital across the street.
The part where they had to put the i.v. in one arm and then in the other because it slipped out was not fun. My arms still hurt. But i'm better. Guess that should teach me to take better care of what i eat.
After all, hypoglycemia + anemia + low blood pressure do not make for the sturdiest of ladies.
But i'm fine now. I have a bento set (yay!), lots of exotic ingredients and plan on cooking a month worths of food tomorrow morning for freezing. And eating.
From what i could see from between the clouds of vertigo and cold sweat waves, He was absolutely cute using all His strength to carry me in His arms. Kawaii!!!
So, about the strange/lazy week... It went something like this:

Monday: lazy. Very lazy. Only got out of bed for work, and came right back to it.

Tuesday: Well, lazy again. There was also PMS. Stayed in bed, taught one class, had dance class. That was all.

Wednesday: I tried to save the week. i mean, i did some laundry. And put things into place. Sewing class, moulage, and a headache. And work. I also made us a real dinner for a change, which was really nice.

(New post about food tomorrow in Beyond Vanilla)

Thursday: Holiday. But the Mister had to work, so i spent the day organizing papers, reading about food and sipping tea with my brother, who finally dropped by. And a load of PMS.

Friday: Field trip. I mean, going to the Oriental neighborhood to buy bento supplies and hair curlers (and curling lotion, yay!). I ended up buying quite a few things, but i still need a few more staples to be able to make a decent bento. I had takoyaki (yummy!!!) and Bubble tea, and Korean coffee icecream. Then i had to rush back for work, and came home to spend a quiet night with the Mister and the cramps.

Saturday: Work, work, work!!! Argh! And the worst of irritation. I felt really really pissed, and spent the day alone. Well, the Mister was off to the beach for the day with the girl and i had to work... i spent my belly-dance class curled up in a corner just watching. Yeah, i was that annoyed. I also spent my lunch hour looking for a salad dryer, which I found (and a really awesome one too), but ended up not having time to eat. When He arrived home at night, it was a comedy and good-night.

Today - Sunday: Notice something missing from my week? And one thing in excess? Yeah, no sex and way too much annoyance. So i figured it was time to do something about it. And well, nothing beats Sunday-morning-sex. Its that one moment that there is just no hurry, so everything can be done as pleased. And it was. And after spooning, a long shower, some Pump-It-Up and candied melon, we decided to go out for lunch. Yum, meat! So we go, and eat and eat and eat... and out of nowhere i melt into a cloud of cold-sweat... and spend the rest of the afternoon napping with a bottle of serum on one side and the Mister on the other. But they let me out around 6 pm, so we come home... and pick up a tub of ice cream on the way. Icecream and Laputa (Ghibli), and cuddling. And prepping things for cooking tomorrow.
Something tells me this Holiday Season will be most annoying. Honestly, i'm trying to get into the spirit. I'm making lists, and wrapped the first gift this week... but all those people pushing me around in narrow aisles as if there were some rationing imminent... I just can't take it. But i'll try.
After all, its the season to be jolly, right?
So let me see what i have to be jolly about... i mean, things to look forward to:
- Next Saturday is the Fetish Party. Not work, but i definitely want to go.
- On the following Saturday, i am scheduled to travel with my Marilyn routine. Which means a bit of rehearsing and dying my hair.
- As soon as i finish the design, a new tattoo.
- And spending the holidays with my family. In other words, making my mom teach me to bake bread. At last.
This week i will try to eat healthy and light, and work out every day. I'm feeling strange inside my own skin (in other words, ugly). Lets see how that goes.

(But honestly, it just feels as if i am in the middle of a warm cotton candy cloud, and i cannot touch anything on the outside and nothing can touch me. I am suffocating and numb. And i don't like the way it feels).
I know i am close to the answer. But do i really want to know what it is?
I need more to look forward to. Professionally, that is.
Romantically speaking, life is as sweet as it can get. Actually, it feels so good it's scary. As a sweet and wet dream i don't want to wake up from.
"Its not the end of the world
In fact its not even the end of the summer
But thank god the tv is on

Cuz theres no way we could know

Anything that’s goin down
Or how were supposed to be feeling about it
I cant tell you how much I wish we could shut up and smile, yeah

Sail around the world and tell them all to keep singing it

la la la la la la
all we needs a harmony and we’ll convince the world to sing
la la la la la la throw your arms around someone (throw your arms around someone)
maybe spread a little love I know it sounds a little dumb (or maybe I’m a little drunk)
But all we need is some ice cream and a hug"

(Shut up and smile - Bowling for Soup)

And when i wake up tomorrow, it will be time to push the fast-foward button.
mood: ditsy
drinking: mint tea with honey
eating: cakey chocolate chip cookie
music for inspiration:
- bowling for soup
- jimmy eat world
- sum 41 (Underclass hero)

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