Friday, August 3, 2012

and an UTI almost killed me

No, seriously. Ok, maybe it didn't kill me. But if it hadn't been for my good friends/producers I'd still be curled at home in a flaming ball of pain.

See, thing is I'm used to being feverish. Or having a bit of a fever. And I shouldn't. Because one night of fever became two, and then three. And when abdominal pain and god awful migraines joined the party on the third night, I thought they would go away on the next day. But they didn't.

And on the fourth day (I was transported back to my missionary childhood this morning reading Robert Crumb's Genesis, don't mind me) me and the producers had a meeting with a big cable network. I felt ok. For a little bit. As long as I wasn't standing.

Yeah, right. Me being ok turned into me passing out in the mall and sweating out my soul later that night. So, lucky me, my friends, the producers, insisted on taking me to the hospital. And even luckier we found a public hospital that wasn't crowded and that could produce my exam results on the same day. And even even luckier I have the worst differential diagnostic skills. No, it was not appendicitis, nor dengue fever. It was "just" an UTI that went unnoticed for about a couple weeks and had spread, hi and lo. Yup, an UTI could have been the end of me.

Other exam results showed what everyone already knows. I have a shitton of piercings. I'm still anemic. And hypoglycemic. And had a raging fever of 102F (39C) when I hit the hospital. Almost enough to melt out my precious... brains.

So I'm spending the day at my friend's place, feeling like the sick kid at the aunt's house. A couple of doses into the antibiotics have me feeling a bit better, but not well enough to do much of anything. The taquicardia and the mental confusion are side effects, and are really unpleasant. The fever is gone, but some of the pain isn't, and my stomach is a wreck.

Meh, I'm forcing myself to rest. I even switched with another dancer for tomorrow night's gig. I'll be back mooning into the adult world soon enough. And I promise (to try) to never overlook a fever again.

I owe my friends, big time... wonder how I'll make it up to them. I don't like being a burden on anyone, but sometimes other people can take better care of you than yourself. Better rest well, so I can quickly be back on my feet!

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