Tuesday, August 21, 2012

*back in the game*

The dating game, that is. Not that I ever was really all that out. But the boy "broke up" with me over facebook yesterday. Second time in a row someone breaks up with my while I'm shooting something. Well, in this case he didn't even bother breaking up. He just changed his facebook status to single. Luckily, I was looking at the screen when it happened, so I kind of was the first to know.

Well, as the Scissor Sisters well put it, "let's have a Kiki".

It was over. Mostly because I don't have the energy or even actually want to invest in a relationship right now.

It's time to take care of myself. Period. And maybe go on a couple interesting dates in the process.

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Anonymous said...

Sweetie: This is a second try to comment.
I'm sorry you are down in the dumps over getting dumped. But look at the bright side:
Anyone who dumps someone by changing his facebook status and doesn't have the guts to face her is an asshole. You're better off without him.
I hope you find someone soon. Keep working in school and dancing. Enjoy life. Enjoy yourself.