Monday, November 12, 2012

Treating myself (nicely)

After a relaxing weekend with Oppa actually sleeping over on Saturday and spending Sunday afternoon with me, junk food, beers and sex (and exploring new things as well) I had some errands to run today.

I've been styling my pink hair so it's even cuter. And today I went and bought more accesories. If there is something I can't live without that's hair bows.

Sunday morning I was going to get a bit jealous of Oppa's online fling posting a photo of his on facebook. Then I realized that all she can do is post photos, since she lives far far away. He spent the night with me. He sees me most days. She can post all the photos she want's, I'm the only making love to him.

I was actually going to go out yesterday, so I got dolled up, but as I was leaving the house Oppa said he was coming over so we went to the market to buy beer, icecream and snacks and spent most of the afternoon watching K-drama. Well, kind of. After a couple beers, he fell asleep as I was taking care of his skin. I like spoiling that boy. When he woke up, things got hot. Real hot. Hot enough to make my legs turn to jelly.

It was a nice weekend. On Friday I shot part of this month's episode of my videocast, danced, drank a lot and slept all morning on Saturday. Then I got cabin fever, went to one of my favorite places for the view, hanged out with a couple acquaintances, hanged out by my self (which I don't mind at all), had some beers with Oppa and his best friend, and slept with Oppa. Sunday was K-drama, yummy snacks and <3 .="." p="p">
shooting Cozinha ao Ponto #6

hair style

the pin thing is inspired by Spica's new MV
Mayanna and I at the club

My producers brought me a Spock t-shirt from the US. 

my idea of a good time. Headphones, a great view, nice weather , candy and something to read

street food. And beer.

Sunday look

My favorite tempura for lunch today... it's the size of my head. Almost.

Coffee and a tiny macaron at my favorite sweets shop

banana cream and chocolate

Today's haul. Well, the extras.

Accessories. And candy.

love gifts that come in the mail. <3 ballet="ballet" td="td">

 Hey, I'm trying to hold back the aegyo. Nah, I'm not.

And since I want to turn myself into a spoiled brat, today I had to go buy fabric for the bags for our books from college. I bought some fun rings, hair bows, candy and lots of yummy stuff at Liberdade. Yay for Asian ingredients... <3 a="a" also="also" and="and" arrived="arrived" awesome.="awesome." ballet="ballet" fan.="fan." from="from" gift="gift" gochujang="gochujang" my="my" on.="on." p="p" quite="quite" so="so" tofu="tofu">
I'm not feeling it to sew right now. Gonna take the rest of this rainy gray day to rest and watch some tv shows.

Tomorrow I gotta start working online again. My $ is running out and the debts piling up. But that's tomorrow. Gotta enjoy my good mood when I got it.

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