Saturday, November 3, 2012

cute overdose... and a much needed rest

Yes, you can overdose on cute. OMG, I had a cute cute sweet day, and it was almost perfect. It just wasn't perfect because Young Lae 오빠 had to leave. I'd say it should feel ridiculously strange to call someone 10 years younger than me 오빠. But it doesn't. Not now.

I'm gonna try to keep my head on and consider this having a very good friend with lots of benefits  Yeah, that kind of benifits. I mean.. I did have a k-drama worthy dinner at home, cooking together, eating from the same dishes, feeding each other and all. He has the loveliest voice and we went over some G-Dragon tunes. Sweet. I got a future idol 오빠.

Fun story. I've been stalking the local kpop community online, but hadn't gone to say hi at my favorite study place (where they also gather to rehearse) or done much but was looking forward to going to this A-Pop party tomorrow night. Young Lae 오빠 is not only actively involved in said community, but I'd say he's idol material for the fan girls in it. Hell yeah. But I could swear he was gay. Is. Whatever. So... not... true.

He's a diva. That's how we started talking online, a few days ago. Then texting. And we finally met last night when he came over before I went to work as a hostess. You know when you're flirting but not sure you're flirting? That.

I put off going to Zombie Walk this year to take a break from life. A much needed break. Got home, slept, woke up, showered, weighed myself, put some light makeup on and went to the market. Met oppa there, bought lots of yummy ingredients, had 떡 for brunch and started a Secret Garden marathon. Cuddles, hugs, and finally kisses. Its so much fun to talk to someone who knows a lot about the stuff I like. And the xx. It had been over a month. Sweet pounding. Sweet orgasms. And dinner.

He's soooooooo cute. One moment he's super girly and a dancing diva, the next he's got that serious manly look on. Nice body, cute face, with a sense of style. Strong. Sweet. Ok, there was one thing bothering me.. the phone. Mine, I put on silent and ignored it all day. Way I see it, we're both a couple of sweet 새끼. KISS, Sweetie. A Korean guy is a good way of getting over a Japanese man. But oppa is worth a lot more as a friend.

I'm thankful for today.

weight: 65 kg! (not after todays tteok!)

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