Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wait, what?!

Had an episode this past holiday (we had a holiday on Thursday and one yesterday, so it was a looooooong one) that I could just forget. And I probably will, and as I found it amusing I thought I'd leave it here for future lols.

So I'm perfectly fine with my young busy cute and adorable 오빠. We've been seeing less and less of each other but I've been busy with my burlesque group again, as well, so I'm dealing with feeling lonely the best I can. On Wednesday I was hanging out online when a random korean guy who is living in the country side of São Paulo working with a soccer team added me on facebook. Cool, I thought. Whatever. And as what usually happens when someone is direct and incisive and explicitly sexual in chat, I ended up arranging to meet him. Like... for him to come over.

That took all of a couple days over whatsapp, texts, skype and chatting. What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute accents, high chiseled cheek bones and those tiny tiny eyes. Not to mention that Korean men have awesome bodies.

이거성 (Insung Lee), 27, from a small province in South Korea, wanted to come over on the holiday itself, but I really wanted to see my Oppa first. Cuz I may be a troublemaker but I really hate feeling like a XX (새끼). Sometimes I feel that a lot of Korean men are 새끼 when it comes down to it... but I think I have to try a few more before I can come to a conclusion. As Oppa puts it, our relationship status is "just enjoy". He has his online fling. Felt fair enough.

So 이거성 came over on Friday afternoon, even though I was preparing like crazy for the movie/photo shoot we did on the weekend. Yeah, we wrote, produced and shot a short movie in two days. With no budget. Inspired by a k-pop music video. We're awesome like that. It was AWKWARD! Like whoa! Well, at least for the first 15 minutes, then we kissed and got naked. It was... ok. Didn't blow my mind, but it was fun, and quite kinky. It's fun at times to have sex with someone who CAN'T go on for hours. Cuz 오빠 can. 이거성 could go on and on again, but not hold it for hours. So it was almost like Lee Hi's single... you know... 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. And then ordering dinner (looking back, I'm glad I didn't waste my cooking skills on that 새끼). There was a 5, and we watched Coffee Prince. If you ask me, best part of the whole experience was sleeping on a strong warm shoulder that didn't nudge all night. I guess that's what I miss/want/need the most. I'm sooooo making myself an octopus giant pillow asap.

Saturday morning I woke up super early to get stuff ready for the shoot, as 이거성 slept. I only woke him up after I showered, as it was almost time for my producers to pick me up. After he showered, I went at it again, since I do love morning sex. So that was 6. Well, his count. I came much less than usual on this rendezvous. He left (and maybe he felt upset I didn't cancel my plans to keep him company till he had to meet his friend? Who knows?) and we exchanged a couple more texts on whatsapp and that was that. I went off into work mode. Later the housemate told me she didn't like him. That my 오빠 is much cuter and hotter (I do agree, but he's also much more of a boy), and polite. That 이거성 made a huge mess in the bathroom after showering and didn't flush right. Whatever. Not gonna see that 새끼 again anyways.

The shoot went on. Saturday was for writing the script and prepping most of the sets. Sunday started super early and that was 15 hours of work with no time for eating, and well worth it. So I just remembered to check on 이거성 yesterday, in the morning. You know... I'm a curious gal. And I like having friends.

Well, guess who blocked me on facebook? Omo... Who's invisible on skype? And guess who doesn't care? To be fair enough, I deleted his texts and phone number, just so that I won't feel inclined to poke at his manly pride. No need for that. I mean... It was pretty random, but I had thought that he had enjoyed the whole thing enough. What-ever. I find it amusing and totally fucked up. Do Korean men really go that low for a one night stand? I really don't care. But I would be happy to know that there are nice, warm, romantic, and sweet guys in such a culture as well. Because I get being work oriented/obsessed. But that doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. 

Guess things are better this way. I'm still texting 오빠, who is busy with work and college. I have my own stuff going on. Yesterday we had an awesome, hilarious, video shoot. And I started watching Boys before Flowers. Aigooo... I shouldn't have. I need to cam/work/make money. But I also can make do with fictional romance. And that's how I make it work.

I'm really amused. Like...

Ok... here are some photos.

writing our script over lunch and beer

my trashed burlesque look

I'm the pirate queen, bitches!

At yesterday's shoot. Aegyo burlesque, anyone?

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