Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keeping my hopes up/down

Well, I met my deadline for my college assignment, but as I finished it at 6 am, showered and came to college, I'm not so sure about how many corrections I'm gonna have to make next week when I get it back.

It's hard to focus for a long time. Dieting is hard. Looking in the mirror and seeing a Robert Crumb amazon is harder. Not sleeping and writing all night has me famished... I must keep to this new healthy lifestyle, but how, with all this stress?

Robert Crumbs are burly. I'd rather just be cute.

Hmmm, vibe? Dunno. I realized in the shower today I haven't had any xxx in a month. Damn that cat eyed boy!

 Dieting on Halloween? Who cares? Oh yeah, I do.

If I could eat anything in the world right now... it would be... a bitter truffle? But that's healthy. Hmmmm, nah, I'd have a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with roastbeef and pepper jelly. Damn myself and my lack of restraints.

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