Wednesday, October 24, 2012

all we have is affection

It could just be me being crazy, but here's a theory.

We all have love to share. We all want to be the object of someone's affection. And I'm starting to think that, as long as there is chemistry and some kind of connection, it doesn't really matter to and from whom.

So it ends up being kind of random. If I make a connection but the person disappoints me in some manner, the intentions I had toward that person will be transferred onto the next one. Do I make any sense?

People follow patterns in their relationships. Maybe it's that. I usually end up with people who are good communicators. Especially online. Long conversations give me time to evaluate if I do or don't admire the person in some way. That's MY deal breaker. That and hands. Small, overly soft hands with not much of a grip do NOTHING for me. I like feeling small and helpless in someone's hands, so I rather they are on the big and rough side. But in the end, it's all about the grip.

And that's me. I have, as I guess everyone does, a series of criteria by which I will judge the person who approaches me suitable or not. Once I have checked for deal breakers (picky eaters, dumb fucks, bad communicators, small hands, i.e.) I'll get to the next steps. Cuddling is a must. So is enjoying cartoons. Not making fun of my trashy tastes is a plus. Sharing my trashy tastes makes the person a keeper. And so on.

Obviously, chemistry is the first element. The smell of the skin, the touch of the person's hands, the way their lips fit mine... You can't say these things aren't important. And sometimes, as perfect as a person may seem, there just isn't any chemistry. And that's called the friend zone. I know, it's sad.

Maybe these are just senseless rambles. I'm just trying to make my original point, I guess. All we have is affection. And maybe it doesn't really matter to whom we give it, as long as that person fits into the checklists we create. So maybe there isn't such a thing as "the one". We just settle for the one that fits us at that moment.

So maybe I should just get a cat, upgrade my vibrator, dedicate myself to my online sweethearts and call it a day.

But I do hope I'm wrong. I'm a sucker for love stories and romantic comedies.

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