Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just so you know...

here's what really went down in one month.

"Girl feels lonely, girl hears of cute asian boy who happens to like her photos, girl decides to hook up with the cat eyed boy, girl gets bewitched by the cat eyes, girl and boy exchange a ton of messages on facebook and on the phone, asian boy starts making up a bunch of excuses and never shows up again, girl insists on a definite answer, boy changes his relationship status on facebook two days later. Girl is heartbroken and lonely again".

Guess I shouldn't watch so many dramas that paint one-sided love as something glamorous. Wait, who am I fooling? Meh.

I'll just keep on being my k-pop/otome/pinup/kinky/vintage/ott self until I find someone who not only deserves but appreciates all this.

Hey bro, I heard you like pin-ups, so here's a pin-up photo for you.

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