Sunday, October 21, 2012

yeah, I`m lonely. Whatever.

Maybe it's because my loyal desktop is away, being saved. Maybe it's because that last cat-eyed boy that stole my heart left it at that and ran away from the perils of dating someone like me. Le sigh. Maybe it's just that I desperately miss lazy sundays filled with cuddles and yummy treats.

I have stuff to do today so I don't get to hang out with my friends. But that's ok. I'll be out making monies and teaching ladies to be sexy and making them laugh. And then I'll come home, buy something to eat alone and hang out with the zen inducing netbook.

I'll just cuddle with Fluffy. And Captain Cookie. And the rest of the gang of plush toys around here. And a bowl of icecream.

Once I hit the gym tomorrow, I'm sure I'll feel better. Right now, I just need to muster the strength to hit the showers.

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