Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blow me

I need to stop.

Stop blaming myself when this type of thing doesn't work out
Stop thinking I'm not good enough for someone nice
Stop feeling lonely. I like being alone.

I need more work. To get over with my final essay for college, to graduate, and fill my days with fun things like today, doing hair and makeup for a photoshoot. I love being on all sides of the camera.

But I still feel like this when I'm home.

Yeah, I'm really needy. So what? Should I just settle for what I can get? I miss a firm hand, but I love my freedom.

I'll go out with the girl another time. Just to be sure. I'm looking forward to the party on the 3rd. Even if just to have fun dancing and making new friends. A party I'm off duty.

And I'll put any serious dieting on hold till I'm done with school. Gotta learn to compromise, I guess.

Look at me... don't I deserve some love? Awwww, shucks.

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