Saturday, October 27, 2012

TMI - and it's kind of random

One: I put a diesel green streak into my hair. Now I want the rest pastel pink.
Two: I'm fat.
Three: I need a day that goes like this song. Rhythm wise, at least.

Four: my pee smells like coffee.
Five: I need to stop procrastinating and actually work on my college final essay. I'm tired of being surrounded by papers. And I need to do laundry and stuff. It's just so overwhelming.
Six: The girl is really after me, or so it seems. Went for a coffee date yesterday, and then made out like a teenager on the street. And I'm still not sure.

Diet should start today. Not Monday. But today. Yeah, right.
I want to go study at CCSP. But my netbook can't take the workload. :(

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