Sunday, April 15, 2007

*bite my tongue*

i lost my big post. but the day went well. i hate when i lose my posts. at least i am not all that lost.
maybe it's better this way.
"Sometimes I say things that I wish I could take back
Then the smartest thing to say is to tell myself
To keep quiet, quiet
Don't let it all come undone
Cause if I dare open my mouth
It'll just be to bite my tongue
I gotta keep quiet, quiet
And listen to your voice
Because the power of your words
Can restore all that I've destroyed
And when I finally do
Let it come from you
The peace of understanding grips my soul
Cause you're the reason I've
Found meaning in this life
So I'll swallow up my pride and give you control
I give all to you "
(relient k)
i wonder why every time i write about THAT day, something happens to my post.

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