Thursday, April 26, 2007

*let's do it one more time with feeling*

1. i'm really happy.
2. i'm really tired.
3. i'm in pain. It would be worse if i weren't doped on pain killers and muscle relaxers.
4. i am hungry. Very hungry. All i ate all day was half a small papaya. And i refuse to eat anything but what i am craving for since yesterday: Misso Ramen. But i'm kind of relunctant to go cook it because of numbers 2 and 3.
So i'm really happy. Three good reasons are that my number is all wrapped up and ready to go. Rehearsed (which explains why i'm both sore and tired), makeup concept designed, everything ready. Even the CD was burned already. i really love the outfit (spoiler below) and the songs. It's a bit long, a bit over 7 minutes, but it's ok. And it's slow and sultry and full of wailing saxophones. Lot's of bumping and grinding there...


and i decided to put the videos from my performances up. i don't know when, but at least i know i will.
The second reason i am happy is that i've been chatting with a local photographer who is shooting sets for SG, and we are working on the concept for the next try. The shoot itself will take a while to happen, but projects always make me feel better. Sense of purpose, you know?
And main reason i am happy is that i got a BIG package in the mail today. i had asked my mom to send me the stockings and twin-set i left at her place when i moved up north, and so she did. But not only did she send me my things, she sent me cute things!!! Mom is the sweetest, she sends me these giant packages from time to time. This time she sent me a new blanket for the winter, a jacket, three lovely hello kitty tops, a hello kitty pen, perfume... even a Aretha Franklin CD. She sent me these cute booties/slippers for winter. Sweet.
And soo, my day... Last night i went to sleep at almost 3 am, after editing the last sample into the track, so i decided to sleep in. It's not like i was going anywhere anyway... i got up at 11, took a shower, and i now have to massage my bruises 4 times a day with this nasty gel... argh... it's made with bovine upper respiratory tracks. Yuck! Anyway, i massaged my legs, and stayed online a bit. Also listened to the music looking for markers and created the coreography.

Then the package arrived. After that i had to go out to pick up my meds, and then came home. Rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed... Yeah, i know. i forgot to eat.

And to top it off, a nice long shower. And more yucky gel.
i'll go eat some time soon. Or not. my head hurts, and i would rather just sleep.
Tomorrow will be an exhausting day. But at least Master will be back at night, so i will make it.
i woke up with this song playing in my head. Yesterday and today. It's a nice song:

"... Whoa oh, we're so miserable and stunning
Whoa oh, love songs for the genuinely cunning
Whoa oh, we're so miserable and stunning
Whoa oh, love songs for the genuinely cunning, ohh…

It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche
When the pearls in our shells got up to dance
You call me a bad tipper of the cradle.
Tired yawns for fawns on hunter's lawns
We're the has-beens of husbands
Sharpening the knives of young wives
Take two years and call me when you're better
Take teardrops of mine, find yourself wetter..."

(Carpal tunnel of love - Fall Out Boy)
guess a couple more hours of web, and i'll call it a day.
... i've had enough lullabies tonight.

i trully love these vids... i would love to find this film somewhere, but i just can't manage to do so...
Lucille Ball rocks

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